for plastic materials


The versatility of ZAMAK MERCATOR extruders lies in the ability to process a wide range of synthetics, depending on the specific choice of screw geometry. Our devices perform well in difficult conditions, e.g. when working with high pressures and high loads, which is why they are dedicated to laboratories and industry in its broadest sense The separate control of each heating zone allows us to control plasticisation at each stage of production, and the movable cylinder (in fi20 and further models) is extremely convenient for replacing or cleaning the screws. ZAMAK MERCATOR extruders are designed and selected individually for each Customer, in terms of size, type of device, and screw geometry. Advanced software allows us to save USB data, record and load menus, set the temperature for a specific time (timer temperature), and to conveniently control the device from the tablet. The extruder is equipped with a state-of-theart touch screen, which in models larger than fi20 is mounted on a movable arm. All our extruders (except the fi12 model) are fitted with stabilising wheels and feet, so we can easily change the working location of the machine. We supply a full range of single-screw extruders for plastics processing - both small - for extruding precise profiles in small sizes or working in the process of coextruding, and large - for large profiles extruded with high efficiency. Devices with screw diameters of 12mm, 20mm and 25mm are ideal for research work, while extruders with screw diameters above 25mm, and often equipped with a pump for plastics, have been designed to work on lines for the extrusion of a large number of precise profiles.

Technical specifications

for plastics processing