Our belt conveyors are used for discharging the dried final product. This is a very convenient and practical solution because the extrudate is not exposed to changes in structure or damage. The supporting structure of the conveyors is manufactured in three versions: steel-powder-coated in customised colours, aluminium profiles, or acid-resistant steel. Belts are selected according to the Customer’s requirements - we afford solutions such as PVC, polyurethane, silicone, rubber, steel mesh, and tiles. Thanks to their versatility, ZAMAK MERCATOR belt conveyors can be used as standalone equipment, but also as individual elements in the production line. The conveyors can be additionally equipped with guides, underdrafts and blow-in-aiir devices. The speed of the conveyors is regulated by a frequency inverter, but can also be regulatted for specific applications. Thanks to the speed-control option, it is possible to adjust the production speed of the entire line and also indirectly influence the size of the end-product. Depending on the Customer’s preferences, we supply belt-conveyor models in various sizes.